The vision for Kria is an exploration of human adornment inspired by natural orders, cycles and the illusions they create. Jewelry and adornment are the oldest of human traditions, and Kria continues to nurture the kinship found in mysticism surrounding objects of ritualization.

We describe this most recent recent collection as “punk-nouveau” and continue to use gold, silver and selective amounts of brass all cast with recycled metals sourced locally by our caster and their suppliers. Inspired initially by a Victorian ring, the collection revolves around Kria’s "Ást is Icelandic for Love" Acrostic Crown Ring and radiates with new castings, ornate beading and use of jump-rings with recombinations of modified shapes and charms from our catalogue. Together, the designs are a reinterpretation of the Acrostic tradition beginning in the Georgian period around 1837 and continuing through the end of the reign of Queen Victoria in 1901.

In 2017, Kria Jewelry’s focus as a company continues to be sustainability. The metals are recycled locally, and our packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials printed with water-based inks. We continue to work with the same artisans we have since the company began and to produce all of our designs entirely in New York City with fair wages. We firmly believe that everyone needs to be responsible in the way they live and consume as well as create.